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Skype Lessons

Skype music lessons are increasingly common in our interconnected world. Below are some benefits and suggestions for making the most of Skype lessons.

I offer Skype trial lessons if you would like to see whether the format is right for you.




  • Convenience

    • Students have a lesson at home and don’t need to travel to my studio.


  • Flexibility

    • Because there is no travel time, we have more scheduling options for makeup lessons. 


  • Continuity

    • Students can continue lessons throughout the year on a more consistent basis. Lessons can take place even when I am traveling. If your family relocates, or I do, we can continue our unique student-teacher relationship.

  • Active performer, teaching artist, and arts strategist as your teacher

    • I began offering Skype lessons when I moved to Colorado for a one-year Integrative Education Fellowship with Integral Steps

    • As an active performing artist I bring weekly insights into the psychology of learning, practicing, and performing.

    • I have 5 years of training and experience in Dalcroze education, a holistic method of learning music based on movement and student discovery.

    • Through my work building sustainable arts organizations, I bring connections to a wide network of performing and educational organizations.

    • I frequently partner with colleagues to create more opportunities for my students to perform and learn from incredible artists and teachers.



  • Attend all studio group classes and in-person lessons

    • No technology can replace the power of meeting in person and connecting through music in the same room. I commit to seeing my students for in-person lessons 1 to 3 times each semester. Additionally, I offer group classes and masterclasses in person to create a sense of community among students. I also attend studio recitals in person to hear my students perform, as this time is very important for me to assess student progress. Make sure to prioritize these in-person meetings in your schedules!

  • Seek out opportunities to hear professional musicians live and on recordings

    • Developing an aural model of a good sound is incredibly important for students of any age. Skype students have fewer opportunities to hear me demonstrate a beautiful resonant tone in-person. While attending concerts and listening to recordings is important for any student, I especially recommend this to my Skype students. 

  • Seek out ensemble experiences

    • It is impossible for me to play duets with students because of the delay on Skype. For this reason, we will focus on ensemble skills in studio group classes and in-person lessons. I encourage all my students to participate in ensembles with peer musicians through their local school music programs, and again, this is especially recommended for Skype students. I occasionally group my students into small ensembles when schedules allow.



USB Microphone

I require all students to use the CAD Audio U37 USB microphone. It costs about $50 and is available at a number of retailers. I tested microphones in this price range and a little higher and found that this model is best for Skype music lessons.



In order to hear my playing well, you must have good headphones or speakers! Earbuds usually deliver inferior sound quality compared to headphones.

If you have questions or want to schedule a trial lesson, please contact me via the contact form or email me at

I look forward to working with you!

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