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I believe that all people are inherently musical. My goal as a teacher is to nurture that innate musicality into expressive, polished, and joyful musicianship. I am intentional about having fun: when students have joyful musical experiences, they learn the most deeply. I create musical communities for students through masterclasses, group classes, ensembles, and performance opportunities. 

I love to bring my performance experiences into my teaching, inviting students to find the joy in sharing music with others. I am a certified teacher of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a social, joyful, movement-based approach to learning music.

I teach in Waltham, Brookline, and Concord, as well as online. 

I teach flute and piano lessons for all ages and levels in my private studio:

I teach integrative Dalcroze-based musicianship classes through Integral Steps:

I teach flute lessons and Dalcroze-based musicianship classes at Concord Conservatory of Music:

I teach Dalcroze-based musicianship and group piano classes at Pianoberries Music School in Brookline:

"Weronika encouraged me to trust my own musical instincts and was open to experimenting and exploring creative options. She fully supported my musical growth and interests and provided helpful feedback. I also liked that she incorporated movement into lessons, which was helpful for practicing rhythm and phrase."

-Current Student

"Imagination is the capacity to look at things as if they could be otherwise."
- Maxine Greene

"Weronika has a kind, friendly, patient, and caring personality that makes my daughter feel very comfortable during her lessons. At the same time, she maintains very high expectations for her students."

-Parent of Former Student

"Her approach to learning, practice, musicianship, and flute mechanics is infused with a joy of learning. Our view on Weronika's teaching is that it focuses on expressing one's self, with diligent, focused work as a means to that expression."

-Parent of Former Student

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